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What Is a Contract Rider for a Rock Concert

Media outlets like The Smoking Gun and Defamer have reported a variety of leaked behind-the-scenes documents known as tour drivers. A tour driver determines the conditions that a venue must meet for an artist`s performance. We went through 20 of these drivers to see what the great musicians want in their locker rooms. It can get pretty weird. The Hospitality Rider is a list of requests for the comfort of the artist on the day of the show. Common requests include:[citation needed] Add details about what you need for meals, including how much food the artist`s entourage needs, frequency (for example. B breakfast and dinner) and the type of meal a cavalier artist is asked to tell the event organizers what the artists need on and off stage to get the best performance. A good driver can anticipate what the artist will need at each stage of the journey (whether it`s a visit or a unique performance) and come up with a proposed solution. It also helps avoid disruptions during the performance and disagreements before, during and after the show due to unmet expectations. To make it easier to work off the road, pop artists – from struggling artists to superstars – structure contracts to bring a little comfort to their wandering lives.

They do this through an additive known as a “rider.” 70s and 80s legend Grace Jones wants oysters and insists she will make “her own chipping” of her requested molluscs, according to the following excerpt from her list of Tour drivers leaked by Defamer. She also needs a lot of very specific wine bottles. What is an Artist Rider? A cavalier artist is part of the performance contract, which was set up and signed by a performance artist and the organizer. It describes the criteria that have been agreed upon to provide a service. Its main goal is to ensure that the artist is properly cared for during the event and during the trip. Negotiations and compromises are common unless the artist is a well-known celebrity and the organizer has deep pockets. Often, the rider artist is divided into sections, including the greet driver and the technical pilot. They make up the majority of the driver, but more details than these two sections.

(vegetarian or in case of allergies). You can also add the drinks you need with your meals or on stage. Many artists/bands prefer water on stage to moisturize, or an energy drink to rejuvenate. It is important to provide a withdrawal option in case the promoter/venue is unable to provide food and beverages. The more time a promoter has, the more they can do for artists. If an organizer has a few days to implement a list of 100 requests from the artist, they are unlikely to do everything. It is a good idea to provide the artist as soon as possible to allow for better communication, negotiation and implementation. Drivers can be factual, excessive, socially responsible, stupid or obnoxious. Most often they give insight into the character of artists – they can separate prima donnas from professional types.

At least the pilots reveal something about the taste of the artists. Beyoncé demands that her wardrobe be kept at 78 degrees and asks for chicken thighs “HEAVILY SEASONED” with cayenne pepper and rose-scented candles. And I don`t have Coca-Cola products near them – Beyoncé can only be seen because of a contractual agreement with Pepsi products. Demands: “We give artists everything they want, unless it`s agreed we can remove it prematurely,” says Cohen of Cellar Door, who usually works with superstar artists. “You don`t play games with them. They deliver what they want. It`s not a real case, but I`m not going to tell a Billy Joel if he wants a coffee urn in his bathroom that he can`t have. Some of the pilot`s requirements are attempts to avoid some problems with previous emissions.

Some places cut corners to save costs, leaving the tour team with inedible food, etc. Each artist/band needs different sound settings to get the most out of their sound. Don`t be afraid to indicate the settings you prefer, or at least who your action looks like, if you haven`t not written down your settings. This allows the sound engineer to understand which parameters to use for your performance. It`s also the perfect place to indicate if you have your own sound engineer or if you expect the venue to provide one. If your power supply requires certain lighting settings, list them here. Otherwise, you can specify the mood of your performance and where there are changes that could be completed by lighting. The 18-page jumper of the 2006 punk icon Iggy Pop is a monstrosity that, among many ridiculous demands, includes the request for “Someone Dressed as Bob Hope” to make imitations of the dead comedian. Jack White`s pilot made headlines last year for his explicit “banana-free policy” — which White later attributed to an allergy in his tour crew — and the inclusion of a very specific homemade guacamole recipe. Madonna`s short but complex list of tour drivers would require space for her entourage of 200 people and 20 international phone lines to call friends in other countries, according to Complex. In theatre, dance and live musical performances, a rider is a series of requests or requirements that a performer defines as performance criteria that are usually met by the venue.

The types of drivers include hospitality and technology. [1] If you`re in a place you`ve never been before, it`s wise to do some research. Check out some customs and see what people like or dislike. For example, if most of a place`s population adheres to Islamic religious beliefs, it may not be the best idea to ask your catering driver for pork meals. You may want to consider the other options available. If you do your research, you can also generate good content for crowd engagement. Specify how many instruments you need or take with the band members and what they play. It is important to emphasize what you have and what you need from the room. If you are bringing your own instruments, specify what should be specified in the back line. If you have preferred specifications for configuration (say at least SM 58 for Mic voice specifications), this is the place to specify them. These can be listed to make it clear and concise.

Adequate security on site is essential. It protects you, your personal belongings and your equipment. Organizers usually cover the cost of safety at an event, and the driver will meet specific safety requirements. One of the most notorious drivers was in the 1980s by the Van Halen Group. They insisted that the M&M candy bowls, all the brown candy be removed. According to singer David Lee Roth, they did this to make sure the sites actually read drivers that contained critical safety information, not just obscured it. Rock `n` roll legend Chuck Berry is known for his driver, who requires the promoter to deliver “two (2) sets of Fender Dual Showman reverb amplifiers unchanged.” The article describes the exact dimensions and specifications, adding that “this equipment may require a quick and repetitive effort in some cities.” The driver further explains that the developer will pay a fine of $2,000 if the “specified facilities and equipment” are not provided. After reading this, Douglas quickly discovered that Berry`s wing was a rare piece of equipment. “I called Fender and they said, `Oh, you have to date Chuck Berry,`” he laughs.

Douglas says he paid Berry the fine ($1,000 at the time) in cash just before the artist entered the scene. Van Halen`s famous “no brown M&M`s” request was reportedly introduced to force concert promoters to pay close attention to all the items on their long list – or to lose the winnings from their show due to a contractual clause. .